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1.0 Executive summary

We started out with a vision to deliver a product in a very specific market, but through great ideas, we've expanded the possibilities dramatically. We took what was the name of a product we had conceptualized, which nothing on the market had approached the breastfeeding method quite like our device had, and saw a vision of what else was possible. So, not only are you investing in the very first of its kind, ever, you are investing in a fresh new brand of different products that are unlike anything on the market in their respective categories. This is what you get when you take advantage of an opportunity with Snipple.

This is our method for success. It's easy to invest in another company that has something similar to other companies, but maybe a different way of operation protocols, but seemingly identical items. With Snipple, we want to take the customer into our vision of the 21 century, and leave all the other 20th century products in the past. This also allows us to be a great option for inventors with products so ahead of their time they come to us first, because they know we seek to do what has never been done, thus, allowing us to keep a competitive advantage on the competitors. This is how we see us gaining the edge, and keeping it.

With this business plan, we intend to show projected profit earning potential in order to gain financial backers. This business plan will highlight our different projects, breakdown which product would be most popular by demographics and how often similar products are likely to be purchased by which demographics.

We wanted to make our business plan very plain, focusing in on projected profits and our innovative approach to things that has never attempted. The reason I see success in the future is, we've studied the psychological behavior of consumer coupled with buying trends based off of agressive intelligent marketing. We understand that the Snippler is a product that will have some initial acceptance issues, but we've also concluded that advertising it as a product for the infant opposed to making it all about the mother is the best way of approaching this. By making it less about the mother it doesn't diminish her power of womanhood or make her feel less than a great mother.

Other than that, the other products will sell themselves with a little marketing and word of mouth. Such as the tankini, people will be intrigued by seeing something that is very uncommon, And makes the person fashionable themselves.

 We are a brand that will lead the revolution in new products in infant care, and also household items the whole family can use. We will be what the other companies look to, to see what new and exciting products we have coming that they can try to emulate. Our eyes are on the future, not what has been done already. We will corner a market untapped by similar companies in our markets, and this will give the consumer a familiar feel, but will be unique enough that they know they can't find our products anywhere else.

2.0 Mission Statement

for the progressive mom that want to give their infant the very best all the time, with fun new products for baby and mom.

3.0 Business Description

Snipple is a brand that will offer a multitude of products from breastfeeding, bras, panties, shirts and bathing suits. Eventually, we would like to expand to offer diapers, skin care products and shampoo/scented oils. Our goal would be to first start out selling our products on line, then eventually in a retail market, to our own stores that sell snipple products exclusively. We are looking to manufacture in the most cost effective manner starting out, with the snippler being the flagship product, with costs being no more than 5 usd to manufacture.

Among all else, we want the brand to be something that the different industries to look towards to see what we are doing in the field of innovation.


September 16, 2014.

What sets us apart is, we are a company that is approaching a market from a different perspective that no one has attempted. We want to attack the breastpumping and cover blanket market. Our device sets us apart by offering an alternative to being up all night pumping if the mom is planning on going out to an event and being out for an extended period of time in an environment not conducive to feeding the infant by means of mouth to nipple, and won't have to carry around a bag full of bottles, formula or a cover blanket that could potentially make the infant become overheated because of having their face covered and trying to feed and breathe at the same time.

We see our profits coming in mainly from the the breastpumping, bottles and formula market, For the fraction of the price. We will offer a device that's more convenient than all the above mentioned forms of feeding. Not to mention, we would like to put the main focus on the Snipple brand rather than the one device. The device is just the tip of the iceberg, the brand is limitless.

3.1 Start-up summary Start-up Expenses

We are looking for funding in:

corporate office







work vehicles, if applicable.

Also, keep in mind, if production and distribution is to be handled in house, we would look to save on cost by obtaining good working equipment that is in used condition.

Start-up Assets

Currently, only assets we have are our patents, and a small budget.

The assets we do have in the form of concepts are:



Shirts by Snipple

4.0 Services

The main product that we offer is the: Snipple/Snippler, which the brand is based off of. This product is a suction-cup, distribution tube and a pacifier nipple.

The Snipple device is the main product that we want our introduction to the world to be through. Once we have established the brand, then we will start developing the brand beyond the Snipple, with products such as the :Snipple Snappies, tankini, the Vegas bra, shirts by Snipple and various other products.

For a quick introduction as to what the other products are,

The Snipple Snappies will be two types of panties, one with a flap across the buttocks that extends upward towards the waist, so that the mother can be in and out of the bathroom in a snap. Another version of the Snappies is, the whole middle section of the snappies from the buttocks to the waste can be removed and replaced with a different section, one of the same color or different design, all sold separately.

The: Snipple Tankini is a bikini that has designs cut out in the fabric that when tanning, leaves little designs on the skin, and even if not tanning, it would still be an awesome bikini, otherwise.

The Vegas bra by Snipple will be a bra with two slots in each cup allowing the distribution tube to be routed through. And also, another version will be, a bra that unhooks in the back and front so both cup sides and be mixed and matched.

Last, but not least, Shirts by Snipple. The shirts will come in many different styles, from business, sporty, to casual. The main function of the shirts will be to allow the Snipple tube to be routed through slots or chest pockets of the shirts.

while the brand, Snipple will have a lot to do with infant care products, we don't want to be limited in the market to just moms with new infants, we want to make products for all women from the age range of, 18-40.

First, we would like to start a strong Web following, where we offer our products online. Once we are more established, we would like to be distributed through the big box store, to eventually having our own retail store franchise, with a totally innovative store layout, that world has never seen!

5.0 Marketing Plan

Our marketing strategy consists of, social media, but, going forward we would be looking for product placement in t.v. programming, perhaps reality t.v. i.e. Kardashians show, and others, such as morning t.v. i.e. Dr Oz. One of our ultimate goals would be to have a commercial air during the super bowl. For other products, such as the takini, Snipple Snappies, shirts and bras we would like to have featured on home shopping networks for a while, before offering them on our site exclusively.

We intend to engage all females from the ages of 18-45 worldwide.
5 ways we have decided would best benifit us would be, t.v. commercials, t.v. shows, home shopping networks, radio ads, contests and advertising sales through social media and product placement.
The channels best utilized would be, daytime programming channels, the lifetime channel and home shopping channels.

We intend on graining new customers through sales. If the market allows it, we will price merchandise closer to a lot of the high end product in their respective categories, because of them being different and new, but offer sales for any possible reason, and when sales are offered, advertise them as much as possible. We will try to gain a large customer base by word of mouth, also, because after certain products are used and has somehow helped make life a little easier, the person listening will start to envision themselves not having the same option, and the situation be worse.
We will increase how much products we move by offering sales. As an example, we would offer sales where if you buy one shirt full price, the next one would be 30% off, and if you buy another one after that, it will be 10% off.
As far as the Snippler, since everything is detachable, will sale individual parts and offer some with designs or other functions.

For products like the Snappies and the Vegas bra, the middle section of the panties would be sold separately and both sides of the re-attachable bra would be sold separately.
Once the Snipple brand is established, taking the company public is one of the best ways we see making the company more profitable. Also, another way is, only hire essential positions, use the best materials and manufacturing for a economically pesiable price and starting the business in New York or Vegas to take advantage of the tax laws would greatly improve profits and veteran tax credits, by employing vets.

There are many different ways to market a brand that covers three different markets and potentially more, once other products are added, and we intend on fully exploring every Avenue that's made available to us, and because we encourage one another to think differently, we intend to think of ways that are not so conventional, also.

6.0 Competitor Analysis

There are many different brands in many different markets that we will be in competition with, from breastpump companies all the way down to shirts, underwear and lotions. but one way we forsee us having the advantage on them is, producing products that customers can feel excited about owning. When they purchase a Snipple product, they will have a sense of relief knowing this can potentially help make their lives a little easier and feel confident knowing they are still on the cutting edge of the technology and the fashion world. Even in the fields of what we are offering that is already different, we will even try to improve upon this products. Also, the advantage we have with the Snipple brand is, already offering a diverse group of products, we are not limited to just what we offer already, there are always new products we can offer, as soon as new innovative concepts come to us, so the possibility are limitless.

7.0 SWOT Analysis

Right now, what strengthens are business the most is our ability to look at every idea openly and not be closed minded to any possibility. Also, another strength that we feel might be the most important is maintaining a positive atmosphere where ideas and ways to solve issues flow to us freely without the extra added pressure that stress brings, and I believe that is due to our team. Our only weakness is funding, as of right now. but, once that issue is taken care of, we only have to get the company on its feet, regarding location, manufacturing, hiring and salaries.

The biggest opportunity for our company is doing business internationally. Once we have established a customer base abroad, the potential for profits increases drastically. Another great opportunity is brand recognition, so we will have the advantage of going into other markets such as children apparel or men's under a similar brand.

There aren't too many threats we're concerned about, except for intellectual infringement with the manufacturing of unauthorized products similar to some of our more unique items.

8.0 Operations

Many things regarding operations are still to be determined. A lot of our decisions will be profit

In the initial phases of operation, we will base salaries off of how much profits Snipple earns off of sales. Geographically, New York is at the top of the list. The decision on whether or not manufacturing is handled by us is still up for discussion, but is a possibility. We would like to run the distribution side of production, but that too is up for discussion. We would like to adopt a, Monday to Friday work week open to close 8 hour work day, with phone operations and distribution open with later hours, and open Saturdays.

9.0 Company Background

CEO. Kenny McIntosh

CFO. Jammel Jones

CCO Erth Thomas

10.0 Business Insurance

At this time, without a corporate office, we didn't feel it necessary to seek out insurance just yet, but once that time comes, it is likely we will obtain insurance through USAA.

11.0 Capital Equipment

The Snipple corporation only consists of an address.

The name of the business is, Snipple inc LLC.

The value is to be determined.
In order to get the business up and running we will need a corporate office, computers desks/chairs and miscellaneous office supplies. Because, we still are looking into the best way of manufacturing the goods, the cost of production equipment hasn't been included in our list of expenses. Also, we have not estimated the cost of materials, because we want to let the market determine supply and demand and adjust accordingly to projected orders.

12.0 Financial Planning

To put it simply, we are in the funding stage. There is a small budget that is being used for Web design, prototypes and graphics designs. We are even interested in selling a few items prior to a full role out to see how the market response to some of the products.
The only investments we've been using so far are from in house. As this business plan is beings reviewed by investment firms, cash on hand might have gone up or down. We are looking to secure loans from financial institutions, crowd funding sources and Venture Capitalist, in the form of equity.

Additionally, we would like to obtain funding for staff, some logistics, vehicles and advertising.

We feel that advertising early is the most important part of our strategy to be successful, so we will like to put a lot of emphasis on our marketing campaign.

The first obstacle we would tackle is, finding the best corporate office to accommodate 100% of our needs. Once that has been accomplished, we would begin gathering supplies and manufacturing. The next step would be to hire logistics, taking orders and shipping orders out. Once we have established a solid base, we will begin expansion, in regards to international markets. Our plans for getting operations up and running aren't very drastic, we want to set goals that are easily obtainable in a step by step method, where we would try to limit costs as much as possible. As far as cutting overhead, we are open to any possibilities, and intend on recovering overhead cost quickly to break even as soon as possible, and anticipate having the company up and running taking orders in 3-6 months.

What we found would be the best way to repay any loans and foster a conducive relationship going forward would be to offer equity in the company our royalties with different percentage based off of every sell of all items. We are also open to negotiations. Investments do come with input in operations, and will be taken into consideration and implemented with executive agreement.

Who wouldn't want to say they saw the vision first in a company that's pushing the boundaries. That alone is worth the investment, but financially, I see it being very lucrative for investors getting in at the bottom level and having a partnership from the beginning gains investors more incentives later if the company goes public. We believe in building a great rapport with anyone or institution that was willing to take a chance on us, and we are willing to show our gratitude in ways that count, and it's only a matter of when, not if.

13.0 Breakeven Analysis

Currently we have roughly 8,000 in available funds. But, keep in mind this business plan was prepared months before you are currently reading it, and cash on hand has probably increased or decreased.
The amount of sales before we break even can only be determined moving forward after we've had substantial investments.

Once we are receiving the investment ,and the business is fully operational, we will adjust salaries to have the costs break-even as soon as possible. Keeping in mind, this is a very preliminary estimate not contingent on the actual amount invested, which can be higher than we had anticipated gaining, so time of repayment may vary.

14.0 Profit and Loss

Total Revenues

We aren't able to give any figures for profits earned, as of yet, but we can give figure for projected profits based off of our target demographics. Currently we have 5 individual products with the exception of two that are available for all women ages 17-45, and one seasonal item, with other product concepts being discussed right now.

Total Costs

As of right now, the costs for operations are very low, zero dollars. We are all working and coming up with concepts for what we know is coming, and the creative process is rewarding enough. We intend on being very fiscally prudent in the initial stages and wherever we see the ability to cut, we will trim and reappropriate funds in the continuing success of Snipple.

NetIncome (Profit)

Our net profits are expected to far exceed our expectations of costs. Also having promotions to boost sales and revenues in low profit quarters if that ever arises. But, we see the Snipple brand as a premier organization that has no problem in always meeting our bottom line.

15.0 Three-year Summary

Our first year projection aren't grandiose, they are reasonable to what is expected with the role out of any totally new design, but we feel with very effective marketing prior to the role out of some of the main merchandise, we are hopeful that the year 1 will be sufficient with modest expectations. Year to year  goals will be set higher. We are looking to increase sells where there is a consistent base of customers that are loyal. Depending on the direction we take, we might stagger the release of some items in one of the quarters of year 2, just to build more excitement. This is all contingent upon year 1 sales. Year 2 will be all about adjustments, improving what works and scrapping what doesn't.

Year three is where we expand, or even in year 2, in the third or fourth quarter. This is where we will know who we are and have established our business personality. The profit earnings in year 3 will be substantially higher than both year 1 and year 2.

This year is where we role out a multitude of products expanding across multiple markets from diapers, baby monitors, jackets with built-in compartments for baby items and any inventions pitched to us. I know it's more helpful to have visual aids, and our vision for the future even with aids are subject to change. We would rather focus on how we would adjust to meet our goals rather than have goals that are unobtainable using the same methods.

Our goal for achieving the level of success is, setting time tables that are easily met, where we have systematic policies in place to ensure the teams handling the projects understand clearly what is expected of them and the tools needed to accomplish tasks. Prior to the role out of any new product, there will be planning in place more than a year ahead of the release just to get the best understanding of how that market operates and discover ways to build more of a demand for the product prior to its release. We will be a company that bases a lot of our development on preparedness and research. A culmination of many of the things that were outlined in this business plan is how we plan on being successful.

16.0 Conclusion

We understand the perceptive of investors looking at start ups constantly, and as we prepared our plan for you all, we kept in mind, how would we feel having this company pitched to us? Is this something we can believe in? We wanted to make this plan as candid as possible, so hearing about these very unique products sounded natural and can be visualized on store shelves and consumers eager to purchase what we are offering. Our only explanation that we will be successful is, we are taking the consumer into the 21 century, we are setting a precedence for where we expected to see ourselves as a society when we thought about what 2015 would be like 30 years ago; this is the company to bring the those expectation into realisation.