The Tankini

This where tan + bikini = tankini. Everyone loves tan-lines! Men love them on women, and women love having them! So we figured, why not accentuate them. This bikini is one where there are designs in the straps of either the bikini bottoms or tops in various items from birds to hearts, or intricate patterns interwoven in the fabric. These bikinis are even an excellent item if the wearer isn't looking to tan, because  they would still be an excellent decorative item just to sport around in and have fun in the sand.

                 The Snipple Snappies

We are a little torn about how to advertise this product. For one, it does an essential functions, but on the other hand, it doesn't mean that they don't have to be fun. What The Snipple Snappies are, is a pair of panties that can allow for bathroom use just by pulling the tab up towards the waistband and allow the mother to use the bathroom quickly and getting back out to supervise any activities the children are engaged in. Now, returning back to why I said,  "it doesn't mean that they can't be fun," because earlier I didn't mention the tabs can be totally removable and to be replaced with another tab of a different colors or design. So, an ordinary pair of panties are now fun and exciting. But, even more than fun and exciting underwear that let's you get in and out the bathroom in a snap, they can also be effective in that time of the month with additional products from snipple that will interface with the tab to allow a quick replacement of feminine products.

                    The Executive Bra

  This bra can be separated from the front, as well as the back, allowing it to become two separate entities. Now, if you have an accident with a spill, it can be swapped out supplying you with a fresh, dry cup.

           The Snipple Slots or Vegas Bra

  Is a very simple design. Basically, it is a bra that will have a section that can be separated where the distributor tube can be run through so that you wouldn't be in an uncomfortable position under your shirt while using The Snipple device. Once the device is no longer needed, just remove the tube from the bra, reattach the tabs and it becomes a regular bra. As of right now, we are currently thinking of ways to incorporate a pad into the bra to assist with containment of milk that might flow right after feeding or prior to feeding.

                         The Snipple 

   itself is a device that has multiple applications. The primary concept for the device was a way to assist mothers in breastfeeding publicly, given certain circumstances, if she needed another option besides bottles and the infant hasn't eaten for a while. Not only is the device perfect for public situations, it also aids in the cases of sensitive nipples, painful nipples or if you are looking to feed your infant longer than 12 months, and biting becomes an issue. The Snipple essentially turns into a straw. This device is interchangeable. It will primarily be sold with a form fitting suction cup, a distributor tube/primer and a pacifier-type component. Being that all parts are detachable, they can all be purchased individually. if you find that you may need more distributor tubes or pacifiers, it would be simple to just order some online or pick some up at your closest retailer that offers Snipple products

                      The Cuplate

   The Cuplate is essential, because we've all had the pleasure of cleaning up after our little one that has knocked a cup over while reaching for something else or during a temper tantrum. Likewise, the same can be said about a plate of food or a bowl.  The Cuplate allows a plate, bowl or cup holder to be screwed or snapped onto a highchair tray. Now, during the age where your little one wants to be a big boy or big girl and wants to endeavor into the world of wanting to feed themselves, you can just snap the bowl, plate or cup to the tray with confidence that when you return none of the food or beverage has found the carpet. It's like all food and drinks navigation systems are down with the difficulty either one of them would have locating the carpet or tile. Imagine all the time and money via stain removal detergent and carpet cleaner services you can avoid by drastically cutting small mishaps. Not only can the Cuplate be used for a highchair, but they can be offered as a tray that can be placed on any flat surface or sold as a separate cup holster or platform big enough for just a plate or bowl

                     The Snipple Tripps

These will be fun shoes for winter. The name of the shoes are based on them being like three different styles in one. This is all we can tell you, the rest is classified.