Gemini iXi

We are so excited to introduce to you the: Gemini iXi. With this device, we have just entered into the next evolution of technology, design and entertainment. With us always looking to innovation as our motivation for approaching the design of a product, we would like venture into the world of technology with that same thought in mind.

The Gemini iXi is no different than how we like to approach all of our products, with our vision always on the future. This laptop will feature a two screen design; one in the front, like any other laptop, the other in the rear on the back. With this two screen design, now sharing anything such as a movie, a graphic design project or even video conference has never been easier. with this design, now you and a collaborator can both put the finishing touches on a graphic design project, without you and your partner having to worry about both working in a tiny space, possibly missing important details, because you are more worried comfort. Or, you are out for a nice day at the park and decide to throw a movie on. All you have to do is, find a park bench with a table, and now, both you and your friend have a front row seat to the entertainment. 

Yes, we did mention video calls! Say you are overseas and you haven't spoken to your parents in a while, now, they can both be seated comfortably, both with their own screen and camera where the three of you can interact with one another in a normal conversation, almost as if you all were all in the same room. 

But wait, that isn't all. That is just one part of the equation, because there is more! Not only are there two screens, but, there is also a touchscreen keyboard that functions as a normal laptop keyboard in the sense that, it is still connected to the laptop. But, what's different about this keyboard is, whatever application/program you are using at the time will bring up a special set of controls on the keyboard, which will allow you to have total control over what it is you are manipulating. For instance, if you are watching a movie, the unique controls for the film will be featured on the touchscreen keyboard, which will allow you to have a much bigger field of view while trying to pause a video or rewind it back to a specific part with ease. Or, working on an art project? now, with with a pen tool, draw anything you envision without ever having your view obstructed by you hand covering up another part of the screen, not giving you the full image as you are creating it. 

How about video games? You can now control the action like never before! Instead of using the keypad on a typical keyboard as the controller, now with a virtual keyboard, the controller will be displayed right on the touchscreen keyboard giving you full screen access, and a traditional way of controlling the game play with a virtual video game controller on the touchscreen keyboard. These are just some examples of the possibilities of such a device, the list goes on and on. We don't want to drown you with the functions of this awesome keyboard just yet, and we think you pretty much get the gist. Plus, we have to save something for later. We hope you enjoyed the journey into the Gemini iXi, and that you all will be looking to grab it off of the shelves, if it gets funded! Thank you for your time.

This is a concept for a translucent phone. More details available upon request.